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Greed can play a big part into scams
When we see something that is being offered for free, we jump on it without a second thought. We all want things for free and want to avoid paying.  Problem is, scammers also know this.  They make scams that offer things for free like Nitro, or free in game items, free gift cards, etc.  The reality is, nothing is free in life, but when something free is offered, we forget logic and think "FUCK YES! FREE THINGS!   I'm guilty of this.  When I played CS:GO, I got scammed due to my greed.  I wanted a free in game item and clicked a link I shouldn't, lost all my stuff.

Scammers primarily rely on our greed, inattentiveness and/or stupidity.  If we can be smarter and think something through, we can help ourselves to not be scammed. The next time you get offered something "free", ask yourself what the catch is. Or, better yet, ignore anything free online unless you are 100% positive it's legitimate, because most of the time, it will be a scam.

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