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Quick tips for staying safe online
The other threads will be more in depth with information, this will serve as a quick guide for those who don't wish to read through the threads.

Tips to protect yourself online:

1. Have different passwords for each of your accounts. (You may keep a text document with your passwords on your desktop or on your PC)

2. Do not use basic, easy to guess passwords such as: password, password123, your name, birthdate, etc.

3. Keep your email address private.

4. If necessary, have two emails.  A public one you share, and a private one for your account management. 

5. Do not share your account with or let anyone use your account - this includes siblings or loved ones.

6. Do not click links or download things unless you are 100% sure it is safe and trusted.

As a final note relating to #6, these days, email inboxes are your worst nightmare.  You will get hundreds of spam and malicious emails every week.  If you get an email from someone you don't know and there is a link to click, you should check the sender's name and email to see if it's legit.  I apply for jobs, so I have to check my email, as some employers may email me to ask if they can call, I can call them, etc.

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