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Email addresses
Emails are incredibly important, as they are usually your last line of defense in protecting your account and getting it back.  At the same time, however, they are also the first and most obvious target.  If a cracker has gained access to your website/forum/etc account, you can change the password.  On some sites, once your password is changed, it logs out everyone who is logged in, while on other sites you have to manually select that option.  Additionally, some sites may have a "sign me out of all devices" option.

If the cracker has access to your email, and you can't act in time, you are in deep trouble, with a high plausibility of losing access to the account.  It is very important that you keep the email you used to register private.  You could even go so far as to have an account email and a public one that you give people, if you need to.    Your email controls everything.  If you lose your password, that is what you use to get access.  Without the email, it'll be impossible for the website to verify you are who you say you are if you do reach out to them.

I will cover more about this in the passwords topic, but your email password needs to
  • Be different from your website password.
  • Be complex.
One of the biggest ways crackers gain access to accounts is via password guessing. This works most of the time due to the fact that people either use the same password everywhere or they use weak, easy to guess passwords.

There's no reason for non staff of a website to know what your email is.  I strongly advise to never give your email out to people unless absolutely necessary or you trust them.

Additionally, if you're like me, you can use multiple emails. I have a personal email and 3 alts. One for job hunting emails and two for alternative stuff. I know this isn't ideal for most people, though. It's tedious as all hell to try and keep track of which email is which and what password is for which email.

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