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Posting on social media
Social media has become such an important part in some people's lives, to the point where they post everything on their social account. Specifically, "I'm going on vacation for 5 weeks!", a child posting "I have the house all to myself", "I won the lottery!", etc.  Posting things like you'll be on vacation, or you're home alone, or "I won the lottery" is an invitation that your stuff is available for the taking. I'm sure some people are thinking 'I can post whatever I want, I'm not inviting people to commit a crime!' You're right, but that's not how these people think.  When they see that you're on vacation, lets say with your family, they know that your house will always be empty, thus, they can break in 10 minutes after you leave and you won't know until you come back. By that point, your shit is gone and the case is cold.

While you can set your profile to private and only have family/close friends, do you really trust every single person on your friends list? Do you know them all? Here is where the lottery aspect comes in. Say you win the lottery and you post it on FaceBook.  If your profile is public, everyone can see this and come out of the woodwork to try and get a piece of that pie. Even if your profile is private, the same thing can happen with family/friends. Why? Because people are vultures when money is involved.  If you win the lottery, there will be cousins coming to you that you never heard of.

This isn't about telling you what you can and can't post, it's about being smart and protecting yourself and your property. I'm guilty of doing it previously. When I was a teen, my mom left for a week and I was blabbing on social media about having the house to myself. If the wrong person saw that and knew me, I could have been in for a bad time.  Social media is not important, you don't need to post and share every little detail about your life. Be smart, think before hand if this is something that needs to be shared with others.

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