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Account recovery/Security questions
Recovery/Security questions are used by some sites as a way to verify your identity if you need to request a password reset or change your password. Some sites have a couple premade questions for you to choose from and pick which you want to use. Once you've selected the question, you'll put in the answer.  On the other hand, some sites will have you make up your own questions.  These questions are almost always personal ones.  Some of them kinda-not-really aren't that bad, like what is the name of your elementary school? For me, in terms of privacy, these questions are still invasive and leave the door open for someone to compromise your account.

With the premade questions, the mindset of the website owner is 'only you know the answer to the question'. However, that is not always the case. For example, if my sister made up her own recovery question of "what is the birthdate of my daughter?", family and friends know the answer. Strangers can figure it out if they are crafty enough and care. Ideally, these questions should be things that only you can answer. If it was up to me, these questions would never be used, but some sites force it. If you do have to put in questions, here is some tailored advice:

If the website forces premade questions: Choose one, and make up a random answer. IE, if the question is "what is the name of your elementary school?" then the answer would be Pie.  If the question is "what is the name of your childhood pet", answer is bubbles.  You get the gist of it, random answers that can't be guessed.

IMPORTANT: It is absolutely important that you write down the answer to these questions somewhere so you always have it. If you lose the answers, some sites will not help you! Remember to not leave these answers laying around for anyone to easily find.

If the website lets you make your own questions: The important message above also applies here as well!  If you can make up your own questions, this gives you more leeway and lets you put in real answers. IE "What is on my desk at all times?" Answer: mouse.  Again, it is not recommended to use personal things as questions unless you are 100% sure no one else knows the answer.

As a final note, please remember to not make your question and/or answers obvious. For example, "what is the tattoo on my right hand?" Everyone can see your hand, everyone knows what it is.

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