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Usernames/display name - What you should and shouldn't use
Username requirements for websites/apps/etc is very common.  Most people think little of their username and just choose whatever.  For the most part, your username doesn't matter and cannot pose any harm.  However, those who have never used a computer before or are casual computer users will often make their username something they will be able to remember.  Even if they write down the username, they will still make it something obvious.

The most common username combinations that they use are as followed:
  • Mixed variation of their real name, which includes birthday. Such as John Smith, born 1991.  jsmith91, johns, smith91, etc.
  • Family member's name, birthdate or something that is meaningful in relation.
You never want to use personal information as your username!  Not only does it violate your privacy, but if someone is crafty enough - which, it's the internet, people are - they can look you up and find anything that you have online.  Not to mention, if your username is that easy, your password is most likely the same. Even if you have never used the internet before, there is something in relation to you, personal or not.

On some sites, they have a username and display name. The username is what you'll log into the site with, while your display name is what will be displayed to other users.


Login Name: sabafan

Display Name: Sabaton fan

In cases where a site has a login and display name, I still recommend that your login name not be anything personal.

As per name suggestions, use something you like. For me, I love Raymond Reddington from The Blacklist, so it was a no brainer that this is my name. Do you like music? Name yourself after a favorite band, or video game character, etc.

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