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List of confirmed scams and malicious files/viruses - Reddington - 12-06-2021

I will only be listing scams for Discord or Steam, as these are the main ones I experience daily and have knowledge on. Please note that all of these will result in your account becoming compromised and/or losing access to your account., as well as files/downloads that are malicious and/or a virus.  I'm debating including malicious links here as well.


* Any type of free Nitro messages/links.  Free Nitro is not a thing!! There might be some legitimate Nitro giveaways, but they will NEVER be DM'ed to you or posted randomly in a server. Every free Nitro message you receive or see posted is a scam!

* "I have accidentally reported your Steam account." While this mainly impacts Steam, it usually originates from a Discord DM.  How this works is that you will receive a DM from someone stating they "accidentally" reported your Steam account.  I cannot confirm how the conversation goes down or how this scam works, but I can confirm it is indeed bullshit. Here's a video on the topic -

* "This message cannot be displayed. Update to latest version required. Install here: [link]." This one is obvious, and I wish I could say other people will find it obviously bullshit. Sadly, this is not the case. There is no "message that cannot be displayed", that literally is their message in an attempt to trick you into clicking their link.

* "Download this game I'm testing."  You will receive a DM from someone saying they made a game and asking you to test it.  There's a video from a Youtuber going in depth about this that I'll link, but the TLDR version is do not download anything from people you don't fully trust!! Especially if they randomly say "Hey I started making a game!"  The one thing I will mention regarding this, I read a message from someone saying that the scammer - using a compromised account - impersonated the person's friend and had a general conversation with him that lead to "I started making a game, want to test it?"

Here is a video explaining this -

* Loading image - your picture.  You will be told that someone is using your real life pic (they will say your pic was leaked) and/or name and that this person using your info is saying racial slurs. They will attach a fake picture that says the image is unable to load and include a link that says "view image". When you open the link to view it, your session token will be stolen.

* Loading image - picture failed to load. Similar to the above, the account will post an image that won't load, and you'll be expected to view the image in a browser. When you open the link to view it, your session token will be stolen.

* Xbox game pass scam - You'll get a DM from someone asking if you have a game pass, saying they want to play with their friend. While the scammer might be real (not a bot), it is still a scam.

Confirmed viruses

Umbrellajump.exe (Link to where I discuss this - here)

Last updated: 4/12/2022